Reading Rainbow… Levar Burton where are you?

Some of the other PiAF fellows have been sending over some great reads, thought I would share them on this blog-diggity. Thanks everyone!

May orientation PiAF group picture


^ a Boston Review piece on how news businesses end up writing controversial articles.

How to Write about Africa

^ a great sarcastic essay.

Reporting Poverty

^ a Katherine Boo interview (I have been meaning to read her book since the GBCHealth book club selection of it back in April. Finally have the time to dive in this month.)

Now other great finds of the week:

Transcript of first lady Michelle Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention

^ MO I truly love you so…

8 Tips for How to Write a Great blog 

^ I need to learn these techniques… thanks EMC.

Bonus fun read:

53 “Arrested Development Jokes You probably Missed 

^ MAJOR GIGGLES.cant wait for the new season and movie to come out.


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